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First, we analyze your credit report and work with you to identity any errors or questionable negative items hurting your credit scores. We'll build a custom game plan based on your unique situation. Strategic planning and transparent process that deliver great results.   

Next, we  begin the process to challenge  the identified negative item(s) with the bureaus and your creditors. If they can’t prove that the items are accurate, fair and substantiated, they are required by law to remove them. According to a FTC consumer report that 1 in 5 Americans have errors on their credit report. 

Finally, when you see a negative item removed from your credit report, we will provide a status update and new scores. Then, we get back to work on other questionable negative items still on your credit report. 

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Your Past

Life happened to the best of us when time are tough financially.  Remove negative history from your credit report is fastest way to increase your credit scores. Credit scores is one of the most important numbers in your financial life. 

Your Present

According to the Fair Trade Commission report recently release to consumers that 1 in 5 Americans has a mistake in credit report. All consumers should be aware that checking credit every year is fundamental to accuracy. 

Check here for a free 3 credit bureaus reports: 

Your Future

Our proven system not only repairing your past and monitoring your present. We simultaneously building your future with variety of different investment options in the market place. We constantly keep you in the loop and education of everything credits and how you always be ahead of this confusing struggles. 

Leo Gleason

They were able to remove an old collection off my sons credit report in less than 60 days. Very happy with their service and we’ll refer them to others.

Lorie Opelanio

My husband and I have always known that having a good credit score is a judge of character in the financial world. People say “Your Credit is your Character”, that is why building a good credit is something we taught our kids early in life. So many things in life are dependent on good credit: such as buying a car, buying or renting a house and even applying for a job. Things happened in our life that affected our ability to maintain good credit. These are stressful times and somewhat degrading. Prime Legacy Credit Repair brought us back hope and financial dignity. They are very personable, understanding, compassionate and knowledgeable in the field of credit repair. With our credit scores back in the mid 700s, we are again confident consumers. I have since recommended Prime Legacy Credit Repair Services to my sister and to my accountant, and will not hesitate to recommend them to my friends and relatives. 

Alex Moreno

Awesome customer service! Very knowledgeable and thorough with their work.


Definitely a very helpful company!!! I talked to a helpful and insightful lady that I really liked talking to. And I was very impressed with their services. I have to thank them for all their help and work as they worked with me in the whole process and showed me everything that was happening in the process. Very easy to understand :) Thank you for your great staff and services, and I will recommend you in the future.


*All reviews are from real clients. These review are transferred from Google Reviews page which clients independently write about their own experience and results.

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Our proven credit repair system yielded great results for client. We are trusted by some of the largest real estate companies in Orange County and surrounding community to help reach their real estate dream. 

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